Mother Earth Painting by Yasmeen Olya

Mother Earth

Commission for Catherine Schweig- Mother Earth Painting – in her words “earth goddess”.Catherine Schweig is a powerful beacon of light. So honored to have been engaged by her. — About the Painting Process:
I felt overwhelmed thinking of painting something that represented earth mother. From the morning of my growing up I have always felt intuitively and very strongly that healing comes from living in sync with natural ways, respect, striving to learn, watch, witness from her infinite wells of knowledge which are immeasurable, truly belonging to infinite secrets.
As I began painting I asked my children for help concerning how she might be represented, the water lily largely portrayed to the right of the image is meant to carefully recall the act of cleansing and healing, the owl is her wisdom, the turtle her patience, the salmon the cycle of life, butterfly the chrysalis of life, chipmunk because they are so sweet , they replant forests, so forgetful 🙂 ha ha…   the stars are reflected in her living, she is part of the mystery of the cosmos and reflects beauty. Really she is exquisitely beautiful, abundant, berries, seeds, roots, flowers, creatures, she is mother to us all. So beautiful, nothing we have so far witnessed concretely in cosmos, nothing so intricate and poignant.
In the last week many scientists have come forward to speak about living responsibly on our beloved earth. But the message is abstract when the societies we are a part of are unconsciously leaching off earth without regard to our collective health, when the majority of our peoples are only trying to survive, when our innate knowledge of village sustainability has been cut from us by corporate and corrupt agenda’s and are not offering sustainable models to choose from.
But she is simple in her message, we have the knowledge within us, because our bodies are a part of her.
So go to the forests the wild places and reflect. Not only does she heal, but she provides simple solutions for resolving to live with her. The Muhminoon, the true Muslimeen, the Muslima.. those who believed in the Infinite and suffered true humility before the Infinite, acknowledging that we are learning here, and do not have all the answers… all those Prophets spoke to consciousness of mother earth, as stewards on earth for her wellness. I am not speaking of those religious extremists who have lost morality and drowned in industrialized and consumerist society but those awake one’s who listened to the message of the Prophet’s, those who listened and respected our beloved earth, reminding people to tread carefully. Such messengers existed all over our beloved earth.
In my daily life, I aspire to live as closely as I can to natural living. But I too suffer from the industrialized marginalization of my body/soul from earth in the way out society has been managed. I dream of the village, so many dream of and it is in acknowledgement of this great need to return to natural living that I painted mother earth.

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