Blue Bird Song

blue bird song, acrylic painting by yasmeen olya
Blue Bird Song –
Acrylic on Canvas – SOLD

Blue Bird Song

Original Painting – Acrylic on Canvas, SOLD

This painting reflects upon our choices to keep a clear mind. To relax ourselves into abundance and accept it as part of our lives, even when things are difficult. To intentionally strive to see the abundance in unexpected things, and have faith as children do in the mystery and magic of moments where our live’s can touch the live’s of others in unusual and unexpected ways. The Blue Bird Song is a dialogue between the human being and moments of mystery and wonder in life. ~~ She is singing to the bird, the bird is singing to her, and she is wearing an unusual and unexpected hat, her mind is clear.

The blue bird is styled off of the many different bird drawings my son Noah now 8 years old is drawing all the time these days. The “Snow Flakes” ink drawing features his bird renderings as well.  I am endlessly inspired by my children’s drawings. 🙂


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