Winter Lantern- Yasmeen Olya Art

Winter Lantern – For Art Cards

Winter Lantern

By the window she is watching

Snow flakes from the sky are swirling

Where the willow bends down deeply

Sunken by the snow and wild winds

She is breathing frost and crystals

Out upon the open moor.

Carrying her lantern lighted.

Through the gently falling snow.

I am with her treading softly,

Even though she knows it not,

Down the pasture in the silence,

Over sheets of sparkling thoughts.

In her ear I whisper comforts

But only her soul can hear.

Prayers to the far Above us

Rolling tears from heaven to hear.

She will know her heart is held strong

rocked in arms of heavenly light.

Through the darkness, through till morning,

in the forest of the night.



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