Peace november 2011


Welcome Everyone !

In the name of the Most Merciful One, the Most Compassionate One.

May Peace and Light meet you and enter your inner most being,  radiating from your heart out into all of creation.

I am on this wonderful journey right now, and I am inspired to share some of it with you.

Above you can see a Rose painting I have just completed on the wall of my children’s room This painting is called lazure painting, it is very gentle and soft, based on Goethes color theory.

This Rose painting is part of the inward journey, and the reflection of light on the soul, and how the soul is shining through our heart realizing its light qualities.


The Rose Journey inner Light and Ultimately Absolute Remembrance,

I am always trying to do everything with intentional remembrance of the Creator, in everything I do, remembering His name and His mercy, even as I enter or leave the house, or as I wash or tidy or play with my children, in this way i am trying to do my very best in goodness and kindness , pray for me.

The reason that I believe in constant remembrance, is because I am realizing wonder in how God created the universe so that it would magnify His mercy, His magnificence, His Greatness that is surpassed by no other.

In realizing this, and deeply breathing into this, we find that everything thus is in accordance to His Divine will, and that this Will is willing all life into being all death into death, all suffering into suffering, all greatness into greatness, all smallness into smallness, all ecstacy into ecstacy. Without darkness we can not wonder at the light, without light we do not wonder at the darkness, without difficulty we do not feel respite, without heaviness we are not unburdened, without hard no soft, without dry no wet, without sweet no bitter….. In everything we see Allah, God Almighty is glorifying Himself, making it possible for us to wonder.

So that those who realize find their way to love in Him, and only Him.

Because it is for the Glory of His Mercy the Creation exists, this universe exists, that you and I exist, and that all we have and are and experience is in fact Divine Mercy and the signs thereof,  we have been granted hours of uninterrupted wonder at the immense and endlessly varied moments we pass here on earth bearing witness to His Oneness, His Divine Absoluteness His Perfection and Will.

That in this creation we can but wonder and who can say they understand?

Who can say they know? Who can say they are in control? Who can say they know if they will die tomorrow or not?

And now everyday, I find myself breathing, letting go, surrendering into wonder, glorifying each moment so perfect and unique, through the fullness of wonder.

When you wake in the morning, how is it that I have risen after sleep? And Oh! This glorious tree!

The wonders of nature, light and color , here is a quote from Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, in some of his wonderings in the phenomena of creation!
If she inhales she draws the hydrosphere to her so that coming near her surface it is condensed to clouds and rain. This state I call water affirmative (wasser-bejahung). Should it continue for an indefinite period, the earth would be drowned. This the earth does not allow, but exhales again, and sends the watery vapors upwards, where they are dissipated through the whole space of the higher atmosphere. these become so rarefied that not only does the sun penetrate them with its brilliance, but the eternal darkness of infinite space is seen through them as fresh blue. This state of the atmosphere I call water-negative (wasser-verneinung). For, use as under the contrary influence, not only does water come profusely
from above, but also the moisture of the earth cannot be dried and dissipated — so, on the contrary, in this state not only does no moisture come from above, but the dap fo the earth itself flies upwards; so that, if this should continue for an indefinite period, the earth, even if the sun did not shine, would be in danger of drying up.     Goethe

That in our weakness we find strength.

That we suffer, it is His will.

That we are absolved, it is His will.

That we live according to His Divine guidance is our choice, in living according to it and finding in it infinite wisdom and guidance, we are preserved of many hardships, our pain on this earth is alleviated and we may find purification and peace.

It is the intention that counts, pray for me and my intention as I pray for you in my music and art and daily being.

peace and great good blessing to everyone of you

yasmeen amina olya


  1. Hello Yasmeen. My name is Michael.

    I came across your music, on the internet. It was a song called “O Habibi”

    Once I listened, I recognized that something within this song is very pure. Your music is very pure. Somewhere within this music, behind the words that represent this melody there lies a lesson for me. Somehow this song is telling me that there is something to be learned from you. Is this a “personal” song? what was the intention, the feeling behind creating this song? I do not understand what this my be, nor do i understand the lyrics. I live in Australia, and I speak English. Is there a way to translate these lyrics into English.

    If you could be so kind as to translate the lyrics for me, I would be very honored. I understand if you do not wish to dive to far into the nature of this song.
    Thank you

  2. Tenderness and gentleness, benevolence of Love in the rose ; its aura – that is, to our wonderment, made visible here.
    Thank you for sharing the “technique” that you use for this painting; now that we know that, I have no doubt that we can do as well 🙂

  3. Dear Yasmeen,

    i don´t know if you keep your Facebook account active or check your mail on daily bases,

    but i have a request for you, is there a possibility for me to use some of your phrases on the

    Bonus track I Love Hu piece you had on you tube ?
    it´s quite unique and i would be highly grateful if you can give me your permission.(?!!)
    i´m involved in meditation/wellness music for a while and living in Scandinavia.

    it will be on a modest scale, and your chants will be notated separately,

    please let me know, if you have any demands i´m willing to pay for those sentences,..

    do you have any agent who taking care of your distributions?

    i don´t wanna get any nasty consequence for that, and be suited.

    hope i get some kind of replay on that matter, somehow it´s feels you having a high artistic integrity like every good artist have, so
    i might not get any answer from you… nevertheless to have some kind of collaboration?

    hope you reading this and wishing all well with you.

    best regards,
    all is well,

    Burt Michel

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