Mother and Children Painting
Our Example,

In the name of the Most Merciful the Most Compassionate, the One.

How can I be generous to my children and what makes their spirits sing best?

I remember being a child born into the world and wanting to learn how to live.

How to live beautifully with grace and knowledge.

I looked to my parents as examples, and found myself turning aside.

Looking for the magnificence and nobility in my capacity to be, in every way.

The Jalal of adab, behavior, the mercy, the repose, the health and perfection and secret meaning and science in each action. I wanted to be shown, to be taught to learn, that walking can be beautiful and eloquent, that eating is a science, that each and everything that I encounter and do in my life has hidden meaning and that, that meaning can be brought forth through realization and intention, that that hidden meaning can become magnified by my intention.

Each moment golden.

And that is what he taught, that in each action we can attain perfection, because he was perfect and he taught perfection, the merciful one, Habibullah

Finally I found the dignity of mankind, in all my searching the science of living lies clear and profound before me, and I am radiant with joy and wonder.

The science is so perfect that it is already within me, it is not external, it is just to be remembered, because you and I already know.

And so now, we can meet each other truly, so now we can meet one another with clarity and joy, so now we can live together in peace, so now justice is possible, and we are awaiting the King, so that those of us who have let go, may find our hearts awakened our beings completely alive in the wonder of the Creator, who has made it possible to live in eloquent and perfect intentional living.

a prayer  –

Guide us to become clear in our intention, that our actions become dressed in light, that we do what is best for us and for others. That harmony move in us, through us out into the world, gladdening hearts and shifting consciousness toward all Divine Beauty and Love. I breath in the absolute, and breath out all complication.  You know best all that will come to pass and what is best for us.

Glory be to God Almighty.

Peace and joy greet you and bless you and may we be guided to be dressed by one another’s beautiful and shining attributes, that mankind may become glorified again with majesty and goodness.

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