1. Blessed Yasmeen
    I want to thank you for your voice and music. It certainly raises the vibration and it is my privilidge to be in your music.
    About your dream of 2018…..I saw a somewhat similar dream in 1-6-2008 and I would like to share it with you if I may. I dont know what it means..but I dreamt I was flying over green fields and looking down at humans…they were changing shape and dissappearing! I was crying for them…you know the deep heart centre ( I am sure you know that centre and how deep it feels)…I suudenly drop from the sky on the green field and got told a very specific message: “you have 8 years to be taken care of”… I dont know what all this means but I was woken up immediately and looked at my clock next to my bed to find my clock showing 8 am. Not only that…the analog clock stopped at 8!!!!! I also heard musical notes during the flight in my dream and I recorded the notes when I woke up. Are these notes keys to some place I dont know. Maybe in your guidance you might get some insight and help me with this.
    In any case thank you for your wonderful music and voice. By the way would you recommend a Celtic Harp school Yasmeen…?
    in love and light
    Ali Azem

    1. Thank you for honoring me with your question, but I am not a spiritual guide, I am nothing, just as in awe and in wonder as you are. Your dream is beautiful, very similar it sounds to mine, and the numbers on the clocks are very incredible also. In my tradition, we believe that dreams are here to guide us, that they are real and should be respected, and treated as such, they can be gateways to other places and realizations, while they can also be interrupted and counter balanced by other beings, jinn, spirits. I do not know if my dream has any reality. InsaAllah, we will both be guided to find our heart space and serve people in the time coming, so what ever happens in 8 or 33 years, we have been spending our time setting our hearts and hands and intentions always with selfless care for others, with the knowledge we know nothing but that we should love and care for others so as to return in some real beauty to our hearts centre, the unavoidable death.
      I am a terrible harpist 🙂 and i am not sure of a good harp school, let me know what you find, I might end up there too one day 🙂

      1. Angel Yasmeen
        Thank you very much for taking your precious time to connect with me. I am honored to hear your heart in words… as hard as that is to do but you are magic at it :-). It seems those dreams are possible realities of what might be if the current world continued this way…perhaps the stronger the tendency to move into spiritual life of selflessness and SURRENDER (what peace this gives the soul and makes the tears just fall) might start feeding new realities more in line with the next cycle….you have come to the world it seems perhaps from that cycle to be one of the guides in love and compassion to others in this transition…it just feels that way to me…it also feels like your energy is there and I can just catch the end of a soft thread of light…it is curious I feel that…like a feeling-file in the a huge energy field-cabinet but endless! I am probably not making sense but thats how it feels to me …and it is peaceful and big and light…
        God bless you and I would like to know more about your project of the new spiritual living…those proposals you are preparing are essential…pls let me know in the future when you have them ready Inshallah….there is an intense need for this kind of living to be spread on the planet….
        In love and Light to you 🙂
        Ali Azem – Istanbul

        u r too modest Yasmeen…your voice is angelic and your harp playing is heavenly …hehehe;-)

      2. Angel Yasmeen
        Thank you for taking the time to clarify and bring your heart into words (as hard as it is bringing light into words..but u do it well :-)). Inshallah we will be guided to bring more of God’s light here…there is so much need for this right now especially that we are at crossroads…into the next cycle..my best moments are when I surrender ( I am sure u know this well…when u let go and tears just drop for no reason :-))..I it feels like u r here from the next cycle (dont ask to explain that.because i dont know)…it seems those dreams like yours and mine are possible realities if the world continues in this unatural state…perhaps if more were to bring love and light here NOW…it is possible to move into another more harmonious reality for the future..I think u r one of those light workers…it feels like that and it also feels like your energy is present in my field …just like the end of thread of light..hard to explain.very subtle .but i can feel that …it is there..you know it is like an energy-file that can be accessed sometimes in the Universal-cabinet …thats the closest resemblance i could think of…like tapping into a feeling which opens a door….brings peace….I hope it is alright that I expressed that…it seemed like i must somehow..
        May God bathe you in much love and light 🙂
        U r too modest…your Singing is heavenly and your Harp playing is caressing if I may say so…:-)

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