Calling within Peace

Where is peace?
she lies in your bosom waiting for your hands opening
she waits for your hands grasping to finish…..
because your feet have become tired of your running for sustenance and occupation
if you would listen
see how your heart expands and all the doors are unlocked
when you give, out, out, opening your door to the orphan, bringing your basket of bread to the needy
, These things are not to be put aside, for later, they reflect the ever constant desire in you that your
and that we so often do not understand …..
reach out and find your peace it lies at your finger tips,
your arms stretched out
and blessings and peace heaped upon you
reach out, the reward is ten fold what you gave and the intention with which you gave it…
Begin then
because your bag is almost empty
If you were leaving on a journey to meet your beloved would you leave without a gift? Without the necessary for journeying and your arrival?
If you were, in the beginning, born as pure and clean as a new linen sheet, pearly white in the dawn of your beginning
If you could never separate yourself from that linen cloth.
If what you did caused this sheet to be clean or dirty, putrid or shining, radiant or weary
Would you do the necessary work to avoid the ________? and if you failed to avoid…, would you seek to clean and purify that cloth before its returning?
Why? Because you are returning, absolutely returning, we are all returning, and do not forget it;
pack your bags and be ready for your departure,
And what will you pack to bring with you?
Will it be then; the silk cushion that cost you one pay cheque? It adorns your living room, do you think you will miss it where you are going or need it?
Or might the items you pack be like one pay cheques worth of food bought and prepared by your goodly heart and hands, for those who suffer, who have little and are in need?
What will shine in the dark of the minutes passing as you breath your last, and greet your departure from here.
DO not forget it and be wary of each moment in the day.
Be wary because you who are human have been given choice,
Like choice unto the sailor when he sets his course, guided by the heavens he navigates the seas, and fears because he knows he is nothing in this vast place, in this vast universe, balanced by whom, named by whom?
And what do you know then? You who can barely remember the events of yesterday.
What do you know, and how can you think you are something?
If you cannot remember your deeds of yesterday, someone will remember, and pass by smiling or frowning. And who else will remember? Perhaps your heart will remember, in the moments of silence you spend in the dead of the night when regrets wash over your sleepless mind and you wonder if you forgot something, and Oh how you fear….in the silence…. you have forgotten something….
and you have…. you have forgotten…
and then …. what are you, do you even know?
Who are you? Who you are, does it matter? Or your deeds, do your deeds matter. If you are ugly and you give, will the receiver thank you? If you are beautiful will you be thanked the same or more?, Who is equal before whom and who is counting?
OH you ! What colour is your cloth, and what goods have you packed as you depart from here? !!!!

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