Art and Expression in Creation


Short Bio and thoughts on Art and Expression for New Visual Art Website 

Having grown up in a Waldorf school, i was blessed to have been surrounded by beautiful paintings and art. Shepherded by teachers forced to expose their artistic faculties as a means to teach, and often accompanied for years by the same teacher everyday illustrating beautifully each subject we learned.
I learned Goethe’s color theory without knowing it was his color theory,  things were made less academic, skills and knowledge were offered in such a way that the heart and mind and hand yearned to understand, we learned most essentially wonder in the world around us. I can’t really say enough for Waldorf education it is one of those things that is so close to my heart.
Later I studied fine art individually with a student of a student of Pierre-Auguste Renoir, Mick Marrisson he was is more a sculptor, but taught me visual applied art in painting and drawing, he was my toughest teacher by far, and I probably learned most of my more serious and critical skill from him. Later I studied fine art at the Victoria College of Fine Art, in BC.
I believe in the study of art history, where refined artwork originates in the schools of fine arts and culture during the Golden Age of the Middle East, where each art (including portraiture),(text illumination) science, philosophy and craft was cultivated as an act of surrender and worship, enriching the culture of mankind and did in fact give birth to the Renaissance in Europe. I believe in the mystery schools as such and the enlivening of mankind by way of absolute law as offered to us by the Divine that does in fact make room for us to grow in the most beautiful and harmonious ways possible, the perfect offered space for real knowledge culture diversity and inspiration to grow and enliven all the real gifts of mankind.
I became formally a painter or artist after a very long, gently evolving period of time. At Some point I began to be asked by teachers in the Waldorf School to illustrate for them. Small pictures for each child’s cubby or stool place in kindergarten, blackboards for certain subjects, as I grew people commissioned portraits or designs for their business. And more through my music and very loving kind people, my artwork becomes slowly more well known.
I paint because I want to share beauty and gentleness in the world; I especially love children’s illustration and am a mother myself of three children. When I illustrate and write I try to convey the wonder and simplicity, the delight of childhood, imbuing each painting with warm gentle light and expression, hopefully an inspiration of the care of beautiful living.

For my figures and expressive pieces, ultimately I would like to work with non-toxic oils and canvas, but seem to be able to afford acrylics at this time. For illustration, I work with water color, water color pencil and graphite, archival ink, and heavy papers, I will also work with acrylic on canvas and will sometimes edit in Photoshop for logos or other elements of design. I really believe in the absolute highest quality brushes, and try to move from dark to light in expressive pieces, moving from light to dark with illustration.

Walking into sound painting by yasmeen amina olya

I also work in other mediums, I love to knit and sew and enjoy making patterns of traditional clothing for my children, as they are more comfortable and suited to the child. I am thinking of posting some of my other work in fabric as I go along.
Again all my work, my music, my artwork, writing, and work in fabric is meant to contribute to the overall wellbeing of the human being by way of inspiring love for beauty and knowledge, enjoining care and love for others, while spirituality and clarity and calmness of thought is clearly important to me and I pray will be recognized and accepted in my work.
When I feel a painting I made is really successful, it is when it feels as though I did not make it then I can enjoy looking at it, to wonder at it as a passerby wonders at a painting by another artist, and forget all those strokes I made. Most often the best pieces happen the most quickly, then you really feel you didn’t make it, and it is always better. I repeat, in my music it is the same, for each creation it is the same. It is like with writers block, sometimes you can create and sometimes you cannot, sometimes it flows quickly and sometimes if becomes so slow you just have to take a break and come back another day…

This is clearly the case with my music as well, as I play music that comes out of me, when I am inspired, it is improvisation, or composition, most composers will tell you the same thing. A good example is Ludwig van Beethoven with his famous deaf ear… hearing the music as he went for walks in the parks and gardens and then coming home and banging away at his piano.

In fact people are shocked to know I almost never listen to music, my husband can attest to this, although I don’t mind when others do and I can enjoy listening for sure, I love the silence, the sound of nature and my children and life, I love listening to the silence.

When you are composing a piece of music, you are listening to the silence and the motion and energy of the day and space and nature and life, in it you will hear a melody… and the melody is what you sing or play… it comes to you, you don’t create it. It is my belief that the failure of some of the greatest artists and musicians, comes from an egoist obsessive, kind of intoxication with self, where you become convinced through pride and flattery that it is you who has created. It is very difficult not to become intoxicated by peoples praise and is especially difficult in a civilization where individualistic thought and the pursuit of individual ambition is so encouraged, where we truly become convinced that we are succeeding by ourselves providing for ourselves,  separatist ideological thinking, separate from the rest of creations reality.
You become very tested in this state of having created something people admire, first you are tested because your ego experiences pleasure from peoples praise, second you are tested because people want more of what you supposedly made, then you have to duplicate your work, sometimes the paintings flow and sometimes they don’t, sometimes the music flows and sometimes it doesn’t, but how and why are you creating now, are you creating for more praise, and are you finding the free flowing form that opens up so that you can create beauty, or are you pushing to make more that people will buy, praise, be distracted by, more and more…..
How many times has it happened in artists lives, that they create something one thing, one painting, one song, that is excellent and makes them famous, or even their physical beauty, but they can never make the masterpiece again, it was once, and slowly it fades just like youth and beauty. Nothing in their career can be compared to that one work. And they are left empty and lonely for that certain time. But who should be praised, who is it really who creates? Who is it that gives ideas and where do they come from? Our dreams our visions our GIFTS!
So you see I wish so honestly and pray, that one day artists, thinkers, scientists etc can be seen for who they really are, a catalyst for Divine inspiration, should not then that gift be cultivated with the same respect and humility that we worship, meaning with the utmost care and with the most excellent of teachers? If everything is done with excellence and for the betterment and the good, then it is indeed an act of worship and prayer, in meditation on excellence we find that the more we study excellence and perfection and the more knowledge we have the more we know we are not perfect, not excellent, and know so little. The more we surrender ourselves, and become the empty canvas for the occurrence of wonder the more harmonious and happy we are. And it is this act, this ability to realize humility that is sooo essential, especially for the artist, or for the gifted.
It is your ability to surrender to Divine will, you surrender and the sound comes through, you become quiet with the pencil and poof an inspiration, a picture arrives, a song in your mind, in your feeling….
If this is indeed the way we create, then should not the viewer also have a different perspective of viewing the artwork and the artist….?
So as the viewer… when we see the piece of artwork it is sooo beautiful, we immediately look for the artist, who is she? Who is he? Oh that’s him… and you look.. And he she looks to be fairly normal… But who are you looking for? Are you looking for the person who created that? I am suggesting you are actually looking for something else… you are looking for absolute beauty, for the originator, you are actually attracted by way of your innate desire for absolute beauty and harmony, but there is only One who possesses those qualities and the One is closer to you than your own heart is.
Wonder of creation and the absolute Creator, and how He enriches mankind, with his creation of the diversity of people and their gifts, and He is the Greatest and He loves Beauty, because He is the MOST Beautiful.
I pray I may be guided so that my work does not fall into the depravity of the raging Artist, and I am not even sure I am one, it is just that I have to write this artists bio for my paintings. I who can barely remember yesterday, cannot say anything assuredly about tomorrow or anything for that matter. I am your sister on earth, if you are my sister or brother, I am learning and struggling and being tested just as you are, and I pray I can stay true to the Creators’ will, because He knows best, and He serves and cares for all, and I know nothing truly, I am only learning so forgive me if I have said something that offends you, and share with me what you know, I am only learning and I am here to help you if you need help, to serve you if you are in difficulty, to console you, to be  a friend to you in any way I can. I pray to be guided and to learn and to become more real and more humble and good every day.
I pray that when people see or hear or experience my work, that they be inspired to be kind and good to others, to live in harmony, to learn the knowledge of real harmony and fulfillment, and to feel inspired by the wonder and beauty and majesty manifesting in every moment all around us.
That they may be inspired in gratitude and happiness and peace with what they have had, what they now have and what they will be given.
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One Comment

  1. If, through a work, we can find fidelity and harmony with God’s will ; thank God: no doubt that this is art – truly born of the spirit to raise up …

    What is it that belongs to the artist, other than the fatherhood and responsibility of his works?
    Everything has it not been created by God?
    But what is there left to man?
    So much; so much to shape …
    Does he shape in glorifying the One which is at the origin of Everything, or in expectation of being glorified himself?
    Idol and idolatrous may well be enslaved one and the other, but they never become independent of the Laws of the true Benefactor. Will they only bring the height of their blindness until the disillusionment to want, in recognition, really to live: receiving as it should Energy required to be, to realize?
    “Thou shalt have no other God before me. ”
    For only God, full of Grace, can meet all our needs, answering all of our expectations (legitimate), in His living Painting none of which could ever elude.
    Thus it is that we must serve our Creator in our work, in adoration; it’s to Him that we must first and always please: for to Him be the Glory and the Power for Eternity …


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