Meeting the One

If you meet someone and the resonance of that meeting lasts in you… what is it that has brought you to that moment? What is the movement to that point, the stirring of those emotions, the calling of that time, the meaning of it…

If you are captive and you are in bondage, are you not still free?

What bonds can be made of love, the heaviness that deludes heart.. that sacrifices the symphonies of harmony that come of trust. And are you not free to trust?

Trust… does it exist in those flutterings of emotive desires? No, … so how can you as a rational being, come into this state of



running toward…. this point of collision, that glues you to the others life…

the other..

and what trust or knowledge do you have.. that you have refused loves windows opening?…. Your judgement slams the meaning out..

So if it is true that it is the One, that unites us, than trust in the One… and the moment of surrender…

not in the small pitiful cries of the emotional mine hills, but to the beyond beyond!..

The centre of nothingness..that moves.. quickening at the heart, the call of clear and powerful kind eyes, hands, heart, mind.


who is making you, and what have you made?





  1. The universe (God)is becoming concious of itself, through you (anyone) -deepak chopra. That is why we are special. We have the ability to know god as the intimacy of ourselves seen through eyes love, his love. And we now him through our suffering too, I think. We all strive for it, because it is home. We all want to come back to the devine self.

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