Oh inner Longing for the One

oh inner longing

Come to my table I will feed you,

with all the good things from my cupboards,

i have so much that has been given me,

and I have been given so much with which to give!

I will sing you a song, recite poetry,
paint your walls with the texts of remembrance,
we will perfume the rooms and passageways with rose,
frankinsense, murr,
we will turn our faces toward the direction of our longing
and kneel and bow in prayer,
the house will, Godwilling, be full of our remembrance!
Then do the Angels come, and the Messengers are with us,
dressing us in light, with our communion.
May we be dressed over and over,
washed until we are pearly white and drenched in the clarity
of tears
selflessly flowing
from deep reservoirs of peace
we never knew we had,
we always knew we had,
lodged perfectly in the golden core of our reason to be,
  THIS human struggle,

Oh Inner Longing for the One

OH Inner Longing




  1. Can I come to your communion table (even if my English is bad), because in remembrance, prayer, with art and woody scents, I got carried away…?

    Ô Autumn,
    Manifold and warm colors in a fresh air,
    So that Winter comes step by step,
    That in forest my wonder slows down my steps…
    Ô Autumn,
    Invitation to find the essence of things, the essence of my being,
    What an inner longing; oh inner longing…
    Please, in the sunlight, raise me up,
    Open up to me the doors of Eternity…


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