Salils Dreaming Prayer
Salils Dreaming Prayer, by yasmeen amina olya, acrylic on canvas original artwork

Salils Dreaming Prayer, Original Painting

Salils dreaming prayer came out of me with great fluidity, only few paintings move so freely from my heart. Salil is in a very deep holy place, her face is framed in red, to show the vibrancy and intensity of her wakefulness and conscious state, she is listening to the bird of her inner soul which is clean and pure and white, gentle and quiet. she is shrouded in a deep blue black cloak which is like the deep darkness of the night of deep rest, and the flowers are jubilating in her beautiful and awakened presence. The flower that is coming from her left temple is to show that she is listening and can feel and live the aura, the living aura of all things. The budding plant, with a bright red aura is symbolizing her spiritual awakening budding.

In my study in sufism, the story of the birth of our beloved Prophet Muhammad peace and blessings be upon him,  is deeply inspiring for me. Throughout the story there are highly spiritual and significant miracles which touch my soul deeply, I will try to recount briefly one small excerpt here;

~ Sayyida Amina r.a. the deeply respected mother of our holy prophet, heard a great rushing sound as she sat in her chambers, and her heart beat fast, the time of giving birth was coming near, through an open window a white dove flew and floated gently down alighting gently on her breast, the bird rested there, and Sayyida Amina r.a, full of wonder felt her body relax into a deep peace. ~

Salils Dreaming Prayer is painted with acrylic on canvas, and it was completed in the spring of 2012.

here is a video of the painting unfolding


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