Authentification :)

If you find your spirituality is leading you away from being authentic, then it is not spirituality. Spirituality is a path of purification and honesty, authenticity to the point of humiliation and absolute sincerity, with “yourself” and others. You stir the waters and all the mud comes up for everyone to see, then you have to wait for the muddiness to settle, the time of waiting can be the most painful, depending on the muddy content of your inner, it can take years.The trick is to try hard not to stir the waters again, with anything… anger,,, remorse or facade, and to be honest about the muddiness, and the trick to trying not to, is surrender. New muddiness can occur at any moment, we are not in control, the more we realize we are not in control and surrender the better. It seems to me that when we try to hide and pretend things we are not that we cannot surrender. Surrender is authenticity, and it is patience, we need to wait during the time it takes to be clear again. Pray for us all to remain content during the process of authentification.

~Remember, the process of sedimentation purifies the water. ~ Your yasmeen

How do you surrender?

you stop your thinking

How do you surrender?

you stop your wishing

How do you surrender?

you let go of feeling

How do you surrender

You trust absolutely

How do you surrender ?

You enjoy the muddy process and accept being muddy.

How do you surrender?

you practice zikr .

How do you practice zikr?

do as the birds do.

do as the flowers do.

Sayidinna Isa A.S , Christ said

“And why are ye anxious concerning raiment? Consider the lilies of the field, how they grow; they toil not, neither do they spin:”

Consider the lilies of the field or “the flowers of the field”, as the Arabic version reads it, the lilies being put for all sorts of flowers. The Persic version mentions both rose and lily; the one being beautifully clothed in red, the other in white. Christ does not direct his hearers to the lilies, or flowers which grow in the garden which receive some advantage from the management and care of the gardener; but to those of the field, where the art and care of men were not so exercised: and besides, he was now preaching on the mount, in an open place; and as he could point to the fowls of the air, flying in their sight, so to the flowers, in the adjacent fields and valleys: which he would have them look upon, with their eyes, consider and contemplate in their minds,….

flowers of the field, yasmeen amina olya acrylic on canvas
Flowers of the field, spring time purification, purifying the muddy waters:) peace


  1. Angel Yasmeen
    When the world has gone mad and their frequencies span the world how hard is it to tune in to God’s light but some angels can still do it despite the net because the tune they can still hear…I can feel it is hard but I know you are pure and feelings can never be wrong. God bless you…your energy spans very far 🙂

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