New Improv of woman of the sea from the album Oceans Rising

I am working on a new album to share with you all soon. peace and light and joy to you all that is my prayer.

I have been very occupied with my growing family, but now I have some time to begin sharing with you all again. I am looking forward to this. InsaAllah I will spend some time writing in response to some of your questions. May the peace of the Eternal constancy and duration abide within each and every one of your hearts, so that you are able to sigh and float weightlessly in-trusting absolutely …. salaams

i hope you enjoy the music 🙂 , i know its short.. more to come…


  1. Thank you for this breath of Peace through your lovely presence, voice and music. All has arrived at my particular shore at a moment in which soothing felt needed. It is with much pleasure and anticipation that I look forward to your new work. May the Peace and Beauty that you send out into the world come back to you and your family, your friends,  many times multiplied; this I wish and pray, for you, for all.

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