Survival, Revival and Freedom

Oooooo Life! I have been broken profoundly, exquisitely broken, shamed, shaken, bruised!

Ooo sweet love in me, innocent love, child in me….. come out now, it is safe now… in your gentle nature breath in the scents of the reveling summer, dream with me now of all you have longed to do and realize now; everything is possible!

Dream into my dream, feel into my feeling, beautiful kind companions on the journey home, the journey back to self, sincere, reaching out, freely looking up.

Unfurl now in the warmth of the light of sun, cool green leaves, blossoming flowers…

I have been broken, I have been released, Hallelulia, oh Allah be praised, be praised!

Ashes to ashes, dust to dust, the fire has been quenched, the water runs clear.

The phoenix rises.

My arms of plenty, my body whole, the world abundant, glorious, bounteous, gifts overflowing.

My body lilts, sighs, floats effortlessly free in the Eternal embrace.

Let go! Dance!

The sun is rising, the day is satisfied.

The night is long freely turning and full of stars, ya… Hu…sweet peaceful rest.

Free now, fulfilled in You.


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