“I am a Lilac, Gray, Violet, White”

http://www.yasmeensong.com “I am a Lilac” Celtic Harp and Song, (It would have been longer had it not been for the baby 🙂 but I love that part ) Yasmeen Olya ~
I am a lilac, grey, violet, white
climbing up the willow bank to play amongst the knights
I sit within their pockets and lie within their hands
I deck the maidens garlands and brightly colored bands

I am a maiden dressed in shining white
I fear the men with hard hands who use their skill for fright
I dream of men with small hands who lilt the weavers way
they bring me strands of opal and bunches of bright may.

I am a woman dressed in red and blue,
I wear my hair in long braids that speak of wisdom rewed
I dream of paths and shelters and followers and friends.
I shame the heart that binds him to all his worldly ends.




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