The Masterful Art of Living

The rhythm of days, nights, seasons, are a beautiful opportunity to excel in the discipline of being. The gifts within the acts of cleanliness and organization are therapeutic, healing and intuitive art forms. The day manifests itself with light, creeping into the crevices of mind, realizing the living state, the harmony of being. With each movement we awaken, each movement preceded by living intention. Intention of will and spirit, how we engage with each act and discipline our mind, body and heart is incumbent upon our own level of self awareness.

Organization is a state of realized thought, we can see the out come of our own deeds in the powerful emotional responses we have to our environment. Everything is inanimate until we engage with that which is living in us as intention for the things we engage with in our surroundings. Leading the day are the lists of intention we find in the inner workings of our mind, the responsibility to our lives and those lives we touch. Each conscious good act is all of your animated being celebrating.

The enlightenment of lifting oneself from sleep, to feel our body, our senses, our breathing. Re-awaken, organize our thoughts, tidy our room, make our bed, wash, stretch, pray, prepare tea. Interruptions are each an opportunity to further stretch your capacity to authenticate the true peaceful you. Faltering and losing patience or focus is another opportunity to find the safety of goodness, to come back to your inner zero balance of what feels right. Each act is a living expression of our own inner calm, the harmonious potential in that which is forming our world as we live it. When we engage with anxiousness we leave off our ability to gently embrace life’s lessons. All life is a lesson, manifest in every living moment, every inner and outward motion. Time’s passing is irrelevant, it is the moment that counts. The passage is irrelevant, because we cannot remember the intricate exquisite detail of past moments, nor can we anticipate and understand the true outcome of coming events. It is only in the moment that we are free to choose, to engage with the potential excellent servitude in our acts of doing, servitude for all “Good”. Caring for environment is formative, it teaches us, enlivening our potential to understand the glorious oneness of the human experience in Creation. It is especially the simple acts that are most important, not the “larger aspirations, or recognized ambitions”, but the simple ones, the words we form with our mouths, the thought before the word is formed, small gestures, walking, breathing,

surrender. Surrender all trickery, all criticism, all expectation, breath in the moment. I am now, this is One, all is One, I am peace, I choose peace. Affirmation is the unspoken promise to the truth and purity of simple living. It is in such a state we can listen, we can hear without the impoverishment of super-imposed expectations or ideals. We can hear our own needs, our own capacity, and in that capacity our own truthful empathy for others.

If we truly engage with any small deed, we experience gratefulness, it is as though you have given your body permission to relax. The weight of a cup in the fingers, the sensation of the cup, brought to the lips, sustenance, nourishment, care. Ferociously hold on to gratitude in simple living, it is the antidote to a world gone mad with it’s sadness over it’s attractive individualism, it’s addictive consumerism, fabricated insatiable needs that cannot be met because such needs do not exist. Celebrate the insanity of a world capitalizing on your insecurity, because it has given us the opportunity to see beyond, to truly recognize the opposite, the truth. Your void cannot be filled by other’s recognition of you, only One can fill that void, it is in the awakened simple life you have been gifted. Blessing of night, blessing of day, blessing of seasons, blessing of nature, body, mind, heart, spirit, lifted praising this perfect balance. I suffer, I am still blessed, in this way and this way… elements upon elements of nuance in any given moment, pain as a blessing teaching, lifting floating free, filling our purpose, a direction which “I” do not direct. I let go, I surrender and in doing so I am strong, fulfilled, placid, soft, moving in the world free of inhibitions, innocent, conscious, the wealth, the treasure of realization, of the moment recognized in self love, in Oneness unfolding abundantly.


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  1. The Masterful Art of Living… My fingers connecting to this board, as I swish coconut oil in my mouth, feeling the importance and softness of self care… thank you for helping me to remember

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