About Yasmeen Amina Olya

Harpist and singer , I love to paint, I love to pray, I am very into peace and constancy and strength, it is my intention to be as an oasis of discretion humility, kindness, generosity as far as is my place to give and be of service to all people I meet, through my music and art as well.

I study Sufism follow a sufi master, and pray five times a day. I also research about many types of thought, Ghazali, Johann Wolfgang von Goethe. I believe in 4 books, Subud, study the Holy Quran primarily, Apocrypha, The Holy Bible, The Hebrew Bible, The Talmud, Torah, Psalms, study some Anthroposophy, Waldorf graduate, study fine art, mystery schools, study works from the golden age of Europe, Greece, and the Persian empire, Golden Age of Islam, and natural history. I believe in mankind, that all grace and nobility, humility is part of man, that the magnificence of God is an attribute divine that the  human being through great inner and outer work may be dressed with,  dressed with noble and beautiful, just and loving divine characteristics.  I believe  100 percent in God, and completely trust, may peace be with you all regardless of our difference, difference and nuance are an important part of the balance, so I welcome you light and dark and recognize the gravity and perfection in our difference.

I am practically writing proposals to build a center for spiritual living, gardens and prayer, music, art, a living example of community working with prophetic science, Biodynamically, organically with intention and in relation to the cosmos according to ancient Persian agricultural studies, perceived thought and science.

peace and good things to you all



  1. Hi Yasmeen,
    I really admire your point of view and how it’s expressed on your music.
    I follow your blogs since more years and i have to say that i enjoy also to read what you write, you seem very wise to me, and your disponibility for the people is so amazing. I share your “passion” for Steiner despite i couldn’t follow the Waldorf school and i also share the way you choosed to express your own light: i’m musician too, in the composition school music in Rome and i can honestly say your music is one of the deepest i’ve ever heard.
    Thank you for sharing your musical interests on your wall, i found them very interesting, i hope you’ll soon make a tour in Italy.
    I wish you good luck with all myself,

  2. Dear Yasmeen,

    I wrote to you a few days ago. I want to thank you for your divne act (your music).
    I read on your home page about your proyect. I found it wonderfull. I wish to know if there is any chance for me to be part of that. I went to a waldorf school till 8 grade. I am 17 years old. The way in wich I feel most comfortable in this earth is when I fully surrender myself to dance. Talent or not, I do not know, I just exist. I know little of music, just what I got on the school. Although I would love to learn to play the harp, hang and to find my voice.
    I want to study and to put into practice, anthoposophy point of view. I was, still am, looking a biodynamic farm where I could go and do some work. I am seraching myself. Some days i have better luck than others…
    Thank you.

    I send you a big smile, love and blessings.
    Grecia. From México.

  3. hello yasmeen- your music has touched the entire mohlenbrok family in new york city, especially our ten year old margaret. she listens to your c.d.in a way that suggests rapture and sways back and forth as it plays. you have a rare gift and it makes us so happy that we found you and your music.we just ordered the second c.d. and i expect to be equally entranced. also we really love your artwork as we all do a lot ourselves. what talent you have! simply amazing! jeff,wallace,gabriel, margaret, and dorothy mohlenbrok

    1. Dear Mohlenbrok Family, I am back from being away along time, and your post is extremely touching, deeply touching actually. I was just the same little girl, drifting about to music. I hope you received the other cd, I have had some difficulties with sending them in the past, but am now back on track. I can send you some downloads of all the albums if you would like, you can email me at info@yasmeensong.com if you want! Sounds like you have a wonderful family life! Peace and love to you and your loved ones!

  4. this night was first for me to listen u..u re amazing.i believe ın music and think music has a soul.it s a language around the world.and u re just using that language.greetings from Turkey

  5. Angel Yasmeen
    Today I came across your music from youtube and how your music and words have touched me deeply! You have sung what I have felt all my life and have spoken my thoughts. Thank you so much and you are a living example of how humans should live in their purest love state. Imagine if most humans where like you there would be no war in our planet. You are a shining example of God’s blessed angels.
    In love and light to you and your family. I will learn to be more like you to be more in peace. If ever you should travel to Turkey it would be wonderful to listen to you sing and play and talk.
    Ali Azem

      1. Thank you Yasmeen for your kind words…the honor is all mine and I will certainly follow up on the blog or otherwise to catch a bit of your heavenly sound and light hopefully in Istanbul…if you havent been there …..youve got to visit …the bosphorous is magic and ofcourse you might want to visit Konya where where all the SUFIS and the semazens are
        in love and light

  6. Dear Yasmeen my name is James I’m 54-year-old man I recently heard your music you’re singing and playing has changed my life your song beloved moved me deeply I heard what you did it in the way you surrendered i have been trying to find my voice my music for 40 years I’ve been playing and hearing you has done something for me on the bringing a realization of the ability to connect with creativity I never felt in my heart before thank you and many many thousands of blessings rain down upon you

  7. Yasmeen I am very happy to have come across an individual as young as you are, (as I am) with the magnatude of light that you are able to express and share. We have very different upbringings but it does not change the face of what the search for our true nature is at all and this is beautifully interesting. This is most incredible to me to know that any kind of human experience that has been lived, “good or Bad” has nothing to do with our ability to find and feel in silence the strangth of the divine father within our being.

    you are often with my inspired thoughts, thank you Arli

  8. Dear Yasmeen I really enjoy your music, it fills me with such peace and calmness. But I am wondering, what is the language that you are singing in?

  9. Yasmeen, d’abord je te remercie infiniment pour ta musique, qui me touche au centre de mon ame.
    Et puis une question: j’ai commandé ton cd ocean rise. Il a été envoyé le 7 juillet mais il n’est pas encore arrivé chez moi… J’ai écrit un message à info@yasmeensong.com mais pas encore recu de reponse.
    J’espere qu’il arrivera!
    Je te laisse des cordiales salutations et un grand merci!

  10. Dear Yasmeen

    Your music and art is amazing. I don’t understand any word but it touches my heart. It feels like love – to god and all living beeings. Please continue to make people happy. Thank you so much.

    be blessed

  11. Hi yasmeen es muy bella tu musica y el sentimiento y pensamiento que expresas es una luz para las personas, aqui donde vivimos nos gustarias que nos visitases alguna vez….

  12. According to Ibn Arabi, voices never disappear in cosmos. I am glad that Allah created such a angelic voice like yours.Fortunately your voice will always be in eternity. Allah bless you with love him and his lovers.
    Humble Regards from Istanbul

  13. Dear Angel Yasmeen
    Another Dream I had that I felt I must tell you…Last night I was asleep with my eyes and ears open right in the next dimension and I heard your healing voice singing and playing the harp – It was crystal clear and continued for a while very intentionally….it was pure magic and had amazing healing and toning effect to the energy system of the body…words cannot as you know express those waves of purity…but I feel compelled to tell you your healing voice and music do travel through dimensions and heal even after you stop singing because its energy never stops to be. Please keep singing because your beautiful angelic voice does travel with love…thank you so much for choosing to be a source of healing and a shining example of a lady from a world we still havent experienced…but we are lucky to get glimpses of it through your voice. Allah bless you Angel Yasmeen. Thank you so much :-).
    Ali Azem

  14. hello yasmeen, how are you doing 🙂
    Its been a long time you didnt do any activities on the web.
    im a great fan of your music and would really like to have news from you, did you decide to stop singing 😦 ?
    wish you all the best,

  15. Yasmeem im christian but somehow bumped into sufism on youtube
    i really seem that sufism should be and integral part of christianity.
    jesus said to be holy like god in matt 5 romans 12 tells us to present our bodies as a living sacrifice.
    for me i see we willingly purge ourself so that god will indwell us.
    al salaamu alieakum

  16. Hi Yasmeen,

    I am so happy and blessed to come across your music. I have always wanted to learn a musical instrument to play and to me the harp is the best instrument. I love the sound of harps and I love your music especially my friend, your music is so beautiful I have no words to describe it. Truly it is a sign from God, as it is Ramadan and I know He knows what’s in my heart(I love listening to the Harp) and He showed me your video on youtube. God Bless you always, thank you for inspiring people and making them so happy with your music.

    Best Regards,
    Mina from New Jersey

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